Who Loves Me? Interview

Nefretitim: Tonight we have child author Elainia Wilkins joining us. It is a pleasure having you here today. So I think everyone would be interested to know; what inspired you to write “Who Loves Me?” 

Elainia: Another child author; Namani Morant, made me believe I could write a book. 

Nefretitim: I see and how old are you? 

Elainia: I’m seven!

Nefretitim: That is very cool. I think you may inspire other children your age to write as well. Is this the first book that you’ve written? 

Elaina: Yes.

Nefretitim: Well what is “Who Loves Me” about? 

Elainia: “Who Loves Me” is about the people in my family that I love and how much they all love me. 

Nefretitim: Sounds like a page turner. Do you plan to write any more books? 

Elainai: Yes. I think I’ll write five more books.

Nefretitim: Well Elainia I look forward to reading them. What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now? 

Elainia: In ten years I’ll probably be getting ready to be a teacher.

Nefretitim: That sounds like a good plan. Well it has certainly been fun speaking with you, before you go is there any advice you have for other children your age?

Elainia: I would tell them that they can be anything they want. You just have to believe!

Nefretitim: Well said Ealinia. Thank you for the interview and I wish you much success on your book. 

Published by Nef_writes

Nefretiti A. Morant made her debut on the literary scene in 2012 as a poetry blogger. Her blog; E-books By Nefretiti featured her work as well as the work of other up and coming artist. A firm believer of giving back and pursuing one’s dreams; Nefretiti has since created such notable sites as Literary Links, Reader’s Cove and Shout Out Ur Biz to give authors, bloggers and entrepreneurs the support and coveted recognition, that is needed when dream chasing. Nefretiti was born in London, England to Barbadian parents. Her family immigrated to the United States when she was an infant, and soon made Queens, NY their home. Nefretiti has since relocated to Atlanta GA with her husband and two children. Although she loves Georgia’s fresh country air and sprawling residents, Nefretiti is adamant that she will always be a Queens’s girl at heart. After graduating High School Nefretiti attended the University of Pittsburgh. During her leisure time she would write and share her poetry with her friends. Upon graduation Nefretiti started a career as a caseworker for New York City’s Department of Social Services. She remained there for ten years before deciding to indulge her love for writing. Using her extensive knowledge of human behavior Nefretiti has created a multitude of colorful yet relatable characters in her works. These vibrant personalities combined with page turning plots have left readers laughing, crying and even shouting out loud. A poet at heart; Nefretiti’s interesting word play and jazzy writing style has gained her thousands of followers, and features in such publications such as; Poetry Soup, Write Like A Wizard, and Bajan Sun Magazine just to name a few. Always an optimist and believer in inspiring others, one can head over to www.nefsbooks.net to catch her inspirational word of the day and to purchase one of her page turning best sellers. Currently the author of sixteen books, this young writer/blogger often leaves fans wonder what will she dive into next.

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